Yearly Message : Victory

Hello! 2020 is a couple steps to go! Are you ready?

For the new year, I drew another keyword for the whole year theme. I have set my yearly theme for 2020 in my journal before doing this draw. Has anyone set yearly theme for the year of 2020? This big theme will guide you along the year to reach your goal.

The good news is I got “victory” as collective 2020 keyword. 

Are you ready for this victorious year?

When you are assured that everything you put effort into next year will be your victory, what would you do in order to welcome it?

2020 is the beginning of the new decade, it’s time to declutter everything which doesn’t serve you, it’s time to sweep it all and let it go. It’s time for welcoming the victory. You have the amount of energy you need to clear your space, to let go of the old things and anything which blocks your victory. It’s also a reminder that it’s okay to say no to the things which doesn’t resonate to you. You are not going to carry other people’s baggage, because everyone is responsible for their own life

As you are making space for the new opportunities to come, it’s time to take necessary action toward your dreams. The fire inside you will fuel your everyday life to create and inspire others. Nobody can dim that fire. You have so much creativity and energy within to accomplish your goals. Once you set and visualize your goals, you certainly are going to achieve it. Don’t let people belittle you just because they can’t see it clearly. Your goals are yours, only you are meant to reach it, not anybody else. That’s why those might be unseen by everyone but you. 

You are your own driver for your trip, you have full control over the decisions you are going to make. Your victory is waiting for you in the end of the tunnel. 

Be aware of the signs around you which might help you along this journey. Everything you put effort into will be blessed. Go with the flow, let the rest work for you by itself. It’s important to detach from the outcome and remove the expectations. Ignore the urge to control the results. Focus on the things you can do and yourself, to nurture and take care of your body after working hard. Please be grateful for who you are today, for everything you have achieved. Take a little break to appreciate yourself for your hard work during this cycle. No need to rush to jump into the next project. Don’t let yourself get burned out. Your victory is surely coming next year. 

You also might want to travel somewhere especially overseas in order to expand your knowledge and experience. Do what is calling you to. Later, your knowledge and experience you accumulate from this new phase will be useful for yourself and people around you. Life is about learning. Be a happy student of life. Everything life throws at you is meant for your growth. Your growth means your victory.

So, what are you dreaming of for 2020? What are your goals? Set your goals, work for it, then the way will show itself.

May all of your dreams come into fruition. May you enjoy your life and be happy with your life. Your victorious year is about to come. Be ready. Be happy.

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by Henry Be


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