Weekly Message : Safe

It reminds me of one day in November. As I said before, I got some big projects to handle and it’s pretty hard for me even though I’ve been doing this for 3 years. It used to turn into digestive problem after the projects finished, but this year as I could release all of the heavy thoughts into tears, I’m feeling healthier after that. That day when I cried for so long, that made my eyes swollen. At night, I got 2 cute fluffy dogs appearing in my dream and I took them for a walk to the nearest park. They are golden retriever and brown west highland terrier. I woke up happily in the next morning with the calmness and warm feeling. It’s said that dreaming of dogs is mainly a good sign, it’s a symbol of protection and success. I’m grateful that God sent these 2 cute dogs to accompany me in my dream, to ensure that I’m safe and protected. 

Okay. So, I got the word “safe” right after fresh for this month weekly message. One song which popped into my head was Sabrina Carpenter version of Safe and Sound (the original version is sung by Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars) *). This keyword strongly delivers a message that you are safe on your chosen path. You are being protected and guided. As this song is one of my favorites which brings calmness, I feel like this next week will bring similar calmness and peace.

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You might doubt your own self for starting something new, you sometimes doubt yourself to not being able to live without the things you’ve let go whether it’s a relationship, physical things or old habits. But, as you start and keep doing it repeatedly, you’ll feel that certainty, that you are going to able to get through this path safely. You will be okay.

This week’s color is blue appearing along with the images of seashell, water, hand and plant. Blue represents peace, sincerity, freedom, imagination, wisdom, stability, truth, intelligent and trust. By these images and color, I feel like this week will bring you a state of calmness and peace that you are able to express your ideas into reality freely. You have the power and ability to do what is necessary. You have to know that you are safe, God is protecting and guiding you, never let you get lost in this path. Keep going, keep showing up. The things you are creating are going to bring positive impacts for your surrounding. You have inner wisdom and messages to spread to the world, you have to trust your own self. Even if it seems not turn out good, or it doesn’t reach anyone, but it will, certainly. Everything you planted is going to be harvested someday. 

Don’t stop because you feel like not getting the responses you expected, don’t stop just because you are doing different things among the people doing similar things. Stop when you feel it’s necessary, to take a rest and come back to yourself. Everyone gives different color to this life which makes it beautiful, don’t try to fade your own color in order to fit in to the what’s called society standard. You are safe being in your color, singing your own song, playing your own music. Just because people seem to not pay attention nor listen to you, it doesn’t lessen your value. You might 100 steps ahead of the majority of people, that your messages seem not delivered as you want. That’s your uniqueness. 

You don’t have to reach million followers. You don’t have to get bunch of likes everyday. You don’t have to get nice comments for your artwork. You might launch your ideas and feel like nobody seeing it. That’s okay. You are still alive. It doesn’t make you inferior. Just be you. Be in your own element, bring your own color, be thankful that you are given this unique color to express and contribute to this world in this lifetime. You are completely safe being you. God trusts you that you are going to make positive changes that you’re sent to this world in this physical body with certain abilities and gifts for that purpose. So, you have to trust yourself too. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are safe, protected and guided. You are loved.

Note : blue represents calmness, seashell represent birth, water represents positive impact, hand means power, and plant means beginning. It’s only the beginning of your long journey, everything you are about to give or have given birth to, will bring changes in positive way to the world, you have the power for it. You have to trust yourself and keep doing what is needed. You are safe. 

Journal Prompts :
1. If you were to learn another language, which language would you choose and why?
2. If you had to write a book, what would it be about?
3. What is the biggest stress in your life right now?
4. What superpower do you wish you had?
5. What do you do when you're sad?

*) Related song :

Title picture and graphic by lailiving
Background photo by Tomoko Uji


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