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We’ve gone through half of last month of 2019. As I write down the messages for each week, I’m feeling this last month of 2019 will be a good start for next year. For me, 2020 will be a year of practicality as Jupiter moving into Capricorn sign on Dec 2 for a year. How’s December going for you so far? The first 3 week we got fresh, safe and open. Then this fourth week is a time to receive.

I got the keyword “receive” along with the color of yellow. Yellow for me is symbolizing happiness. This week is a week of receiving happiness. You have let go of the old and open for the new ones to come, so it’s time to receive. It’s not limited to physical things, but also inspiration, love, sign and help. Whatever you ask for and you clean your space for, it will certainly come. 

The things you receive might be different from your expectations. Why did it come instead of that? You might ask and feel disappointed, but receiving isn’t always about the stuff which exactly you’re wishing for. Sometimes it’s only the appetizer coming early, the main dish is on its way. Sometimes that different thing is actually a better one than you expect. Sometimes you need to realize what life has sent to you is to challenge you to elevate. As I wrote in my Monthly Highlight for November, one of my favorite songs is Invisible from Zara Larsson *). The messages resonate to me. The greatest thing you’ll ever know is invisible. 

When you wish for the greatest, sometimes it makes you questioning the when and how. You sometimes feel worried, like how if that thing is delivered to another person. No. That greatest thing will never come to the wrong person. 

You can’t take it, steal it, but you always be it. That greatest thing you ask for sometimes the thing you already have within. It doesn’t mean you won’t get anything but life will send you the message or circumstances which allow you to realize that thing inside you. It’s time to fully receive and embrace it even though you already have it for long time without realizing it.

Yellow represents happiness, joy, intellect, positivity, optimism, hope and enlightenment. This week you are going to embrace these values. You are about to receive them, or you have already had within you and start to embrace and make them part of your daily life to inspire and shine a light to others. Yellow represents the color of sunshine which we love to see every morning, brings warmth and chance to grow. Everything you put effort into, everything you create to help others will certainly reach at least someone who needs it. You are bringing that light to people’s life. You are the sunshine. You don’t have to create something big, your kindness is the sunshine which shifts the energy around you and create comfortable environment.

You might question yourself for your ability to contribute to this world, that you feel like not deserving anything good for yourself. Don’t belittle yourself, don’t say you are incapable of anything. You might see yourself only are able to do small and ordinary things but those small things have brought significant changes to others. People might underestimate simple things but as it’s becoming someone’s habit, it would change his life whether or not it’s good one. Anything you are able to do is something which has energy. That energy will change the situation around you. So, instead of beating yourself up for doing only “small things”, try to receive and embrace all of the qualities you have already had within. Try to receive the reward you deserve for all of your hard work too. You are so much more than you’ve always thought.

Journal Prompts :

1. What's your favorite season and why?
2. What are you grateful for right now?
3. What's one thing you admire about someone?
4. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
5. What compliment did you receive recently?

Song Information :

Zara Larsson - Invisible
Zara Larssson - Invisible (End Title version)
Zara Larsson - Invisible (Music Video)

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by Tomoko Uji


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