Weekly Message : Open

A closed cup can’t be filled with anything. A blocked river can’t allow the water to flow anywhere. A blocked road caused traffic jam that nobody can move in or out from the road. What's closed or blocked will never allow anything to flow. In order to grow, you need the flow. A flow can be happening when the blockages or the lids are removed. 

Remove anything that blocks that flow from your life. It can be old perceptions, labels, or judgement toward everything around you. It can be people or circumstances which cause you to close yourself to block anything. Sometimes blockages come from your past experiences that bring you fear and hold you back. It’s okay to have fears, but when something is able to feed your curiosity and enrich your life, you need to open yourself. 

This week you are going to able to be more open toward new experiences which are meant to level up your life. You have the strength and will to overcome your fears and to differ which ones are the best for you to do. You have the ability to use your openness necessarily. Openness isn’t about explaining everything about yourself to other people nor completely accepting other people’s values, but seeing things through wider lens and different angles, so you will get better understanding about something. It is about courage to take action toward your calling, something which calls your soul, which makes your curiosity seeks for answers. 

You are already gifted with the ability to go toward your dreams. Everything you can dream about is actually possible for you, because you have the power to achieve it. If it’s unreachable for other people, it means this dream is only for you, not them. That doesn’t mean your dreams are impossible. Don’t belittle yourself when you have different dreams from majority of people. Don’t feel inferior when you haven’t seen your goal yet. You have to know that you are going to encounter many offers and possibilities which lead you toward your goal. A lot of doors are opening for you. 

This next week will be a week of opportunities being opened for you. You don’t have to accept everything offered to you. Don’t ever feel that you are going to waste the chances you don’t take. You have the ability to multitask, but knowing your limit is important in order to continue going this journey. It’s not a sprint, but a marathon. You need a good amount of energy to be there until the finish line. 

Being open is also about enjoying this life marathon. Whatever appears along your track is meant to be learned. Enjoying this journey while learning some new stuff will enrich you as you are reaching your goal. You are going to meet new people, experience new circumstances, and keep growing. 

The color I got for this week is violet which represents imagination, creativity, wisdom, calmness and harmony. You may start embodying the qualities of this color or you have already had it within whether you realize it or not. This week is going to be a balanced week as you are able to remove the lid on your cup in order to fill it. You are going to able to use your creativity and wisdom to take the next steps you need.

You are not getting stuck. You are growing. You are bettering yourself. You are guided and loved. Don’t ever think of stopping your life here. Never. You were born for fulfilling your calling in this world, because you were sent to this Earth for a great purpose. When you are willing to open yourself, a lot of doors are opening for you which lead you to that great purpose of your life. Your openness opens opportunities for you. I believe that you are meant to be a change and to succeed. Never give up.

Journal Prompts :
1. What is the most recent song you listened to?
2. What's one fictional character you've found yourself relating to very well?
3. If you used a time machine to go back in time and hang out with your past self from one year ago, what would you do?
4. Who is someone you want to be like?
5. What's one book you've read that you would say has greatly impacted your life?

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by Tomoko Uji


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