Weekly Message : Great

weekly message great

You are doing great!

By the last week of December, you have accomplished many things and learned much. You are ready to face 2020 with so much confidence and ready to take the  next action towards your dreams. You might feel a hurry to do so many things and get the rewards soon, but you have to know that you also need to be nourished and taken care of. It’s important to balance your mind, body and soul needs. 

You have learned and gained so much this year. You need to take some time to be free from your work, to do list or goals. It can be spending time with yourself, with your pets, or people you love. Take this time as a chance to recharge and reflect. By spending some time alone, you are able to think calmly, not in a hurry. Consider what’s important to do next year, instead of what you should do. 

 Don’t worry, you are not missing any opportunities.

You have so much power and strength to create anything. If there is no opportunities you can find out there, create it yourself. Without realizing it, you’ve been living the life you have creating yourself. You have done this far, you are powerful.

Even if you feel dissatisfied with your life right now, you have other chances to try again. Later.

God will never change your life unless you change it yourself. You have the power and freedom to create the life you dream of. When you look back to your life before, you are getting better by time, right?

“No, my life hasn’t changed at all. I can’t do anything for my life”

“I always failed to reach even my small goals”


God has put His trust to you to be the creator of your life. Don’t belittle yourself by saying you are incapable. Look at yourself now, your surrounding. Compare to yourself during elementary school or high school. Could your past self afford the things you have bought recently? Could your past self do the things you have achieved this year? 

Routines sometimes pull you out from who you truly are, because you have to put your focus on them. You have no time to listen to yourself, to understand your own feelings, to appreciate your hard work and to take care of your body. So, closing this 2019, you need to take a break to comeback to yourself. 

2020 promises changes and opportunities. In order to receive them, you need your body, mind and soul balanced. Don’t worry, it’s not the time to push yourself beyond the limit and break yourself into pieces. No. You have so many things to enjoy and receive later. 

Take a good night sleep, eat healthy food, do exercise, spend time with people you love, meditate, read books, watch inspirational videos, sing, dance, draw, paint, do anything which feels good.

Don’t worry, you will never miss anything. You will never be left behind. You will constantly grow. You are great. You have been so great, and always be greater than you think.

Alright. Wish you a wonderful 2020. May joy, happiness and love be all around.

Journal Prompts :

1. What do you need more of right now?
2. Is there an activity you would do if you weren't so afraid?
3. If you could live one day in the life of any profession, what would it be?
4. What's something you're looking forward to?
5. What's one thing you would change about your life right now?

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Photo by Tomoko Uji


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