Weekly Message : Fresh

As usual, even though I made this post for the first week of December messages, this might resonate to you anytime, so don't stick to the time. Whenever you see this post, its messages are for you. Another thing is my previous Monthly Message for December turns out to have 1001 words in it. So happy to see this mirrored number recently. I believe there will be more exciting great things happening in December to close this 2019 and welcome 2020. Yeah.

I drew the random weekly keywords at the same time as the monthly one, I got fresh for the first week along with the images of a bowl of soup, snowman, wheel and ring, also the color of orange. I feel that all of them are related to each other, so let’s get started. 

This week’s keyword is fresh.

As I mentioned in this month’s monthly message, December theme is a new start. The first week will be a fresh start. You might feel uneasy for the new things and changes you haven’t experienced before, but it’s okay. You have been living for many years and going through many unfamiliar and new things. You keep growing and you take a lot of knowledge from them. Starting a new start, you will experience freshness in your life along with foreign things which might make you both feeling uneasy and inspired at the same time.

You will be okay. You are going to learn some valuable things and incorporate them into your life in order to expand. Freshness can also means stepping out of your routine. But, you don’t have to go beyond your limit in order to experience new things. Know your needs. Stop and take a rest when you need it. Be gentle to yourself. It’s okay to start slow with only one step forward. You may take any necessary steps you need at the moment, no rules, no standards, you are your own ruler of your life. You are the one who decides and knows which ones the best for you. 

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By keep going the necessary steps, you will feel centered in your journey. No need to rush, no need to hurry. People might take 100 steps, others might only take one step, you can’t compare everyone to you. Nobody is the best, nobody is the worst in this life, everyone has their own story and kingdom to rule. It’s your freedom to create as you want to. What do you want your life look like? What lifestyle do you want? Start small right now.

You may meet people who are similar to you, who will help you along this journey. You are not alone, you are going to receive guidance you need to keep going. Be open for the messages from your surroundings whether it’s from people, things or events. When you ask for help, it will come from anywhere. 

Since I saw orange as the color theme for this first week, I feel that you are going more inspired by these changes, you are going to get creativity boost and the ability to express it in your daily life. Your creativity will inspire you to take the next step and to encourage you to feel the joy of life trip. You are definitely going to succeed when you don’t stop. Just keep showing and spread the goodness. You will receive what you have sent to the world. What’s meant for you will certainly come, it’s on the way.

Note : orange means creativity, soup means warmth and gentleness, snowman means pure, wheel means changes and ring means offer. In this new fresh start, you will feel inspired and more creative, you have to provide warmth and gentleness for yourself, as this might feel weird because you haven’t experienced these changes, don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes and fears you might have. It’s important to know that you are not alone, life will offer you some help and guidance through people and circumstances.

Weekly journal prompts :
1. If you could choose to be one fictional character, who would you be? Why?
2. What makes you happy?
3. When you meet someone for the first time, what good first impression do you hope to leave with them?
4. Who is someone famous you'd like to meet?
5. If you had a month of free time to learn a new hobby, what would it be?

title picture and graphic by lailiving
background photo by Tomoko Uji


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