Today's Message : Turn A New Leaf


How about trying to be different version of you for one day? When you sometimes  feel disappointment for both yourself and others, or you often feel like being in the place of a victim and powerless, you might want to change something in your life. “If this person treats me better, I would reach that point”, “If this event never happened, I would never be like this”, “If I weren’t born poor, I would be happy now”.

There are things you can’t drive into your direction. Sometimes those things aren’t essential ones, but we give too much exposure to them. It turns out to seem big and important, but it’s actually not. Wanting to control everything leaves you feeling exhausted and feeling like a victim in the end of the day. 

Something you definitely could change is yourself, how you see things, how you react to circumstances, how you perceive others, how you appreciate the present moment. You may not be able to change events and people around you, no matter how hard you resist some circumstances, it will still happen anyway. You’ll be only hurting yourself by thinking negatively about a situation, it won’t go away until it’s meant to. All you can do is shifting your reaction and thoughts about it. 

Only for one day, try to act differently to the things you used to see as enemies or difficulties. Ignore the urge to drive everything onto your way. Move into neutral side. It’s sometimes not easy being neutral. But, objective and nonjudgmental thoughts lead you to clarity. Clouded mind often puts you into a place of being victim and blaming others, especially in the situation which are new and turbulent. See everything as lessons. Instead of asking from the place of victim by “Why me?”, change it into “Why did it happen?” “What messages do they try to deliver?”

Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes or face failures. Sometimes you resist because you are afraid of making the same mistakes. Fear is not a bad thing. Fear is your gift to protect you from danger. There are times when fear goes out to everything both new and old things. It’s sometimes required to listen to your fear to manage your next steps, but don’t let it stop you from achieving your dreams and your life purpose. You are allowed to take a break and plan for the next thing to do. You are allowed to change your direction if it’s necessary. You are allowed to ask for help. If you used to stick on fixed and controllable things, let yourself know that life has good and bad things. Life also gives you both controllable and uncontrollable stuff. You can’t expect your everyday will 100% go smoothly as your plans. But, you will be okay in any situation.

Being positive isn’t about having good mood all the time, but also accepting that sometimes we experience ups and downs. Accept both the good and the bad, then release them when they are meant to go.

Do different things from your routine and see what happens. People around you might react differently, circumstances might feel different, and you might get something new to learn and to be proud of yourself in the end of the day. There are also possibilities where nothing around you will change too. You can’t expect people to treat you nicely because of your nice behavior toward them. You can’t expect the problems will instantly go away after changing your perspective. It seems unfair, but nobody knows exactly what life wants to teach us.

Everything needs time. As time goes by you will get better understanding of things around you, and react wiser toward everything. You will find inner peace and able to see things clearly. You are no longer being a victim, because you have decided to be the hero of your own story.

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by Tomoko Uji


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