Today's Message : Life is Beautiful

This message popped into my head in a day when something happened, I think this message was meant for me. But, as there might be other people out there who experience similar thing, I decided to post the message here. That day, I got the word beautiful and jar. I immediately got reminded of a story about jar of life which is related to this. 

Life is beautiful.

The same thing might be looked different for other people. Some might see it as good thing, some other might see it as bad thing, while the other have no idea about it. Life is beautiful when you clear your mind from judgement. Clouded mind often leads you to see things unclearly, results in fears and negativity. When you have already put a label on something as bad, no matter what happens to that thing, you always see it as bad thing. Sometimes what’s considered bad isn’t always bad, what’s by society norms considered as good isn’t always good for you no matter how many people doing that thing.

You can’t know exactly what’s in other people’s mind, what’s their intention doing or saying something. When they say bad thing about you, that’s not you, that’s about themselves, they might experience bad things, but it's not about you. You have nothing to do with them. Yes, it hurts. But, you’ll get more hurt when you react by giving feelings to them. Let them pass by, don’t hold on other’s people sayings which hurt you. It might be hurting you now, acknowledge it, then let it go. 

By letting go that kind of stuff which is not necessary for you, you have decided to focus on your priorities, the things which are important for you. You are no longer magnifying and giving attention to unimportant things like that, so that kind of stuff will go by itself.

Did you know a story about jar of life?

You have an empty jar, you have golf balls, marbles, sand and wine to fill your jar. Golf balls are important things, your top priorities. Marbles and wine are not really important thing but they make you happy. Sand represents unimportant things. When you fill your jar by sand first, you will have no room for golf balls and marbles. It means, when you give your energy toward unimportant things which are meant to be deleted from your life, you won’t have enough energy to focus on important things like work, school, family, loved ones or friends.

When you fill your jar with golf balls first, then you will have space for marbles and wine. Yes, the things which make you happy. Life isn’t about good things only, there are times when the sand comes into your life. But, you have the choice to allow them drive you or not. Knowing that life has golf balls, marbles, sand, and wine, and being able to balance them all, will allow you to see the beauty of life.

Life is beautiful when you send your energy toward the essentials. You shouldn’t always run away from the bad things, sometimes you are required to ignore it, sometimes you have to solve it. Knowing what’s necessary steps to take is important. It will lead you to an understanding that whatever outer circumstances throw at you, you can always shift your focus into the necessary.  

You have that power. You know which one the best to choose.
No matter which one you choose, you have to know that life is beautiful, and so are you.

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by Tomoko Uji


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