Today's Message : Keep Going

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!

Whenever you see this message, it’s meant for you. I started this day by seeing the number 1, 555 and 44 appearing in one line together. I’m feeling it’s really a good sign for this week and the next to come. I love finding this kind of repeated numbers appearing since it’s also messages to pay attention to. When you ask for help, you might get the answer through anything, it can be directly sent to you or indirectly through people, signs and anything around you. It’s important to be in the present moment and aware of the messages you ask for.

Number 1 symbolizes a new beginning. You are about to complete something big, whether it’s a long time project, study or other thing. It’s interesting, if you are reading this post right after it’s being published, we are also having full moon today. Full moon is also representing completion and ending of a chapter. As this current chapter ends, a new beginning will start. Moon is often related to dreams and clarity. In the end of chapter, you are able to get clarity toward your dreams.

Number 5 represents change, new opportunities, travel, expansion and freedom. When it appears in repeated number like 555, it strengthen its meaning. 555 is a major change about to come which leads you to freedom you are longing for. This major change requires letting go or ending of anything which no longer serve you for the good such as relationship, job, or your living environment. Sometimes it hurts to release or let go of something we used to be with, but this changes  are necessary for your further step, for your growth. Give space to the new thing which are better and about to give values into your life. It’s time to cut the cord for unhealthy relationship which has been hurting you for long time or holding you back from the necessary steps toward your dreams. This old has served its purpose to give you lessons in this life, so it’s time to let it go, be thankful for the knowledge you gained through this journey with them.  

Number 44 indicates that you are currently on the right path, keep going because your prayer, hope and wishes are always heard by God. You are being supported and guided. The answers you need will come in the right timing. The abundance you asked for is on its way. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone in this journey. You have blessed by the inner strength and wisdom to reach your dreams. 

Number 4 always reminds me of earth and finance. You are about to reach the financial stability too after being struggling for so long. Your hard work will soon be paid off, and you are going to harvest what you have planted before.

It’s also a number of congratulations. You are being reminded to congratulate your hard work and accomplishments. Celebrate your progress and growth. Appreciate how far you’ve come. Keep doing the good works.

For me, since it’s mirror number and 4 is about stability, it might be a sign that you are going to meet  people who are similar to you. You have the similar qualities and you might help each other or work together in this journey to reach  stability. It might be a help you’ve been asking for. Be open to the opportunities which being offered to you. Don’t be afraid. If you are radiating good energy, it will attract good people too. You will get what you have sent out.

To resume all of these numbers appearing today, it’s important to keep the balance of mind, body and spirit, you have been going on long journey. Pay attention to yourself, your body needs, your soul needs. You need the balance, keep the good food, being around inspiring people and taking some time to be with yourself to reflect. Be grateful for everything you’ve done and got today. You are so loved. Keep going.  You’ve gone this far.

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Photo by Tomoko Uji


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