Big Thank You

big thank you


I made this entry to thank everyone who has visited, read, put comments, and shared this blog. This blog has grown better than my first one in its first year, especially this month. I aim for 14k overall views by the end of the year and it did! Even though we haven’t left 2019 yet. Thank you for interacting with this blog. I set this 14k goal for fun. It happened in one night. I was thinking of how it could be possible to reach 300 more views in only 3 days. Then a tiny voice inside my mind said that there is nothing called impossible when you stop overthinking then let it be as it is.

By the Sunday it has surpassed 14k. Thank you thank you thank you. This 14k goal is actually a sudden goal I set for fun, it has nothing to do with competing with others nor getting certain amount of money from views, it’s for my personal happiness. I’m grateful that this blog is able to reach many things and for me given the chance to experience this.

This blog is 9 months old but it has reached many things. I’m grateful to be able to create this place to share my thoughts and hopes. I hope this blog will reach more people and help them, at least shine a light to those who need it. I want everyone to know that life isn’t that bad as you always see and hear through everyone around you. Life is not punishment. You were sent to this world to make changes, not to suffer nor being a victim of circumstances and people around you. You came to this world to spread love and peace, to cooperate with other people, to make this Earth beautiful with your own color. 

It’s an urge for me to spread this hope. In the past I might see life from blurred screen the people provided for me, I was filled with so much fears, hate and anxiety, I used to hate myself. I couldn’t see who I truly am. I felt trapped in this body and in this lifetime that I didn’t want to face the tomorrows.

I want to help people who currently feel like getting stuck in the similar situation as mine for so long. That’s how lailiving was born. Yes. I’m still learning too. We are all learning forever.

I’m grateful that I get this chance to create lailiving.

Also, thank you to everyone who has donated to PayPal and Buy Me A Coffee. May all the good energy you have sent brings more good things into your life. Everything I receive through this blog will be used for creating something new, for expanding my creativity in order to provide better content here. 

2019 was a better year for me compared to 2018 or 2017, I cried a lot but as I’m able to cry out my emotions, I feel way lighter after. I only got sick twice, flu in the beginning of the year and chickenpox in the last half of the year. The recovery process was faster than the year before. I believe that it comes from the good energy I got from good content I consume during the year, like inspirational videos, books and songs. I surround myself with positive things a lot more than previous years. One of my favorite books is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay which talks about connection between your feelings and diseases you have, and so much more. Even though I have read this book before 2019, but I started to really pay attention to this book seriously this year. It’s felt like a lightning coming in the middle of the huge storm, an awakening lightning. I was like : where have I been these years that I ignore such important messages? 

Other books which have been helping me a lot are books by Rhonda Byrne. She has a power through her words written in her books to answer all of my questions and empower me at the same time. If you want to know what books I’m currently or I have read, you can visit my Goodreads account. I hope by reading one of those books, you get the help you need.

Closing 2019, I’m grateful for everything I’ve accomplished this year. I’m proud of myself who have done many things during 2019. I’m thankful for the helps I received and the signs I needed to hear which always comes at unexpected time. For me, 2019 is a preparation for something big. I’m ready to jump into a new decade with a whole fresh new book. It’s a year of victory. So, let’s welcome this victorious year with open heart and smile.

Happy new year

Sending you love and light,

Lala from

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