Weekly Message : Yes!

Hello! I’ve been busy with new project at work so I skipped last week’s entry. It wouldn’t turn out good if I push myself to write something when my mind is overloaded by work-related stuffs. Finally, the storm has slowed a bit so I have a calm time to write something here. I’ve been thinking about creating new section for this blog. I have already had monthly post for each month highlights. So I decided to create weekly post for random message I got for the next week’s theme. I will pick one random word which speaks something to me and write it down here. So we have a weekly message post section here. I planned to start this next month but another part of me said like how about trying to post it today?

And my answer is YES! Let’s do it now!

Since I don’t put which week for each message, this weekly message will be timeless. Means, if you read this post a week or a month after it’s being published, this message is for you anytime you find it.  I hope this new section will help anyone who needs some signs or messages to get through their days.

The language I use for this section depends on my mood, but it seems like to be a new section for English entries, yeay!

Okay, let’s jump into the message.

This week’s keyword is yes.

message yes

When I see this word, it speaks something strongly to me,  an answer.  Yes is the answer for your dreams and hopes.

I always remember my dad saying several years ago which made me believe that people were born equally in different places, time and backgrounds. He said that we have the same right to pray and have hopes. Nobody is higher than others, nobody is less than others, even though some might possess certain admirable status or stuffs, even though some people choose to not work in certain job. Everyone has the same right to pursue their dreams, to fulfill their life purpose, to make this world better.

If you don’t believe this equality thing, you might not be happy to read this post (I’m sorry for Libra influence in my chart that adores equality so much).

If you think you don’t deserve this because you did something wrong in the past, please change that. You might do wrong things in the past, but you have punished yourself for so long that you close yourself from others, you turn off yourself from wishing and hoping for a better life. No, you might have done those kind of things but you are not living there anymore. You have learned and you understand life better than you at that time. You are now a different person completely. You still have the rights to dream and hope, to live your dream life, to chase your dreams, to ask for guidance and help. When you ask, the answer is yes!

Please don’t punish yourself more.

You are not less than others. We are all human living in the same lifetime. We are different only by our physical appearances in this world, but we were from the same place. Even if you get to switch to other body, you are still you, your soul is still you.

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In last month’s highlight, I mentioned the newest song from flumpool titled HELP *). This song resonates to me so much. The vocalist conveyed his feelings during his throat treatment through this good song. He was unable to ask for help. That hurts. HELP is a song which delivers positive messages that you are not a burden if you ask for help. People might reject you, but others will kindly help. In other case, you might want to ask for guidance from God. He will never ignore nor leave you. You are the one who thought you don’t deserve His blessings, that you refused to ask for help. One thing you have to remember, He loves you even though you never realize that, always loves you no matter what you’ve done in the past. For your dreams, the answer is always yes.

Yes, you deserve the life you are dreaming of
Yes, you deserve  help and guidance you need
Yes, you deserve to pray and wish equally like other people do
Yes, you deserve to love and to be loved
Yes is the answer

Note : the nine hearts on the card above means dreams come true and 11:11 means you are on the right path to your dreams, so if you accidentally find this post and see the picture above, it may indicates a good sign of your dreams will come into fruition soon, keep going, believe in yourself, never give up. You are so loved.

*) Song information :
flumpool - HELP
YouTube (music video)

Title picture and graphic by lailiving
Sky photo by Tomoko Uji


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