Monthly Message : A New Start

Hello! We are about to welcome December in days, it’s time to execute one of my plans for this blog. As I said in the previous post, I will have weekly message section which contains any random messages I get for each week. I want this new section to help more  people. Even though I write it for each week and month, the messages are timeless. They are meant for you if you accidentally find and read them even 2 weeks or months after being published.

Since it would be weekly messages, I also create monthly message which covers all the weekly messages I got for a month. Monthly message will be more like a big theme for the month which contains 4 or 5 sub themes for each week. I’ve started the trial for weekly message section this last week of November. Have you checked it out? It turned out well, I like the card I made. Also, the messages I wrote is magically resonated to myself. This last week of November was a bit tough, but as I read my own post, I got relieved and continued to face the challenges. I’ve added some elements here and there for December weekly messages, it’ll have 5 journal prompts each week, so it’s suitable for you to explore yourself using journaling section. 

I planned to make it fun, so if you are interested to use some journaling prompts I provided each week, you can share your journaling stuff using #lailivingjournal both in twitter or instagram. No need to tag nor follow me. I only want to know how people use their journal. Please look forward to the next weekly messages.


So, for next month, I got hummingbird as the main theme, followed by the images of rainbow, crown, bus and bell. It’s a new start. December brings a new start. 

Fun fact, my UI version for my phone is also named  hummingbird. So I got excited when hummingbird appeared as this month theme. Hummingbird represents joy, balance, inner peace, lightness, independence, resiliency, life enjoyment and being in the present moment, and infinity.

A new start requires ending and letting go of the old which are no longer serving you. In order to fly lightly, you have to release the stuff which weigh you down. It’s sometimes not easy to let go of the things we used to be with for long time, old relationship which feels not good or toxic for you, old stuff you are no longer using, old habits, or old thinking patterns which limit yourself. You will let go of those things in order to fly toward your dreams, to enjoy the life and find the peace inside. When you release the old, you give the space for the new to come. So, say good-bye happily and be grateful for the lessons they have given to you, and be open for the new to fill your space.

By releasing the old or stuffs which weigh you down, then you are able to enjoy the life to the fullest, being in the present moment, appreciating small things and continuing your journey on the path we have chosen. Letting go isn’t about a shift from the dark into the light only, but also choosing what your heart tells you to do. It shouldn’t always be easy as the life is about sweet, sour, bitter, plain and spicy stuff. The happiness is about accepting those tastes in life. You don’t have to feel the sweetness everyday and beat yourself up when your life gets bitter. It’s life. It needs contrast to balance. When you are able to accept the ups and downs, then you will find the beauty of life. 

Hummingbird also represents independence. You have the freedom to be happy, to choose the happiness to be in your life, and to feel the inner peace you deserve. Your life is fully yours, nobody else can rule it. You are the king of your life, you create the rules for yourself. How do you want your life to be? What rewards would you like to give for yourself? What advice would you give when you make mistakes or fails? Set your boundaries, how large your kingdom would be? When you have set everything for your own life, then you automatically are not allowing other people to lead it. What’s empty will be filled by something. 

A new start is about to begin. Welcome it with open heart and some space in your heart. Be open for the differences in life. Rainbow doesn’t have one single color, so does your life. No matter how many colors a rainbow has, it’s beautiful, right? Differences make it beautiful. You can live different life from others, you are allowed to think differently, those differences don’t make you less or more than other people. Be open for the new adventure which offers new different things. Be alert with what life wants to say to you through signs, and be grateful for it. Allow yourself to experience many things, that your future self will be grateful and proud of you.

“I’m grateful that you were not giving up that day, so that the now me is exist today. You can look at me and be unsure of who I am, but I am the same person you were that time which has grown up and stepped into another level of live. I’m grateful that you have given me the chance to be who I am today.”

Note : rainbow represents harmony, crown means power, bell means alert, and bus means adventure. You are about to find harmony and inner peace, take back your power as a king of your own life, stay alert in the present moment to enjoy even the simplest smallest things, and face the new adventure life offers to you in this new start. Be happy. You are growing. You are on the right path. You are you who will make the future you be proud of you.

Title picture and graphics by lailiving
Bakcground photo by Tomoko Uji


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